Saturday, May 31, 2008

My ghostly experiences....

Ive had a few things happen that I cant explain in my life...and since this is my halloween blog, I might as well add them right?

When I was little..around 8 or 9 , my niece and I would always hear things downstairs when we were upstairs (along with everyone else!) It would sound like the microwave falling off the stand, the chairs being pulled away from the table, dishes being dropped..etc....we would rush downstairs to check it out (we werent scared of anything lol) and absolulty nothing was moved..ever! This happened quite often...we actually got used to it...

Also, our t.v's would often turn back on after we turned them off. It got really annoying actually. We would have to sit there and keep turning the tv off, because it would turn right back on. We never did see anything though, I really wanted to.

Fast forward about 10 years...

About 4 years ago, when my daughter just started kindergarden, I would wait till she went to school (which was only 1/2 day back then) to wrap Christmas presents. We one day, I dragged all the gifts out and put them on the table. I stood up to grab some tape and I heard a little girls voice say "Mommy, what are you doing?" I froze and I thought to myself..."why didnt I wait till Madi was gone"...then I got REALLY cold and I realized that she WAS at school! I stood there, frozen and heard little feet on the kitchen floor. I must have stood there for about 15 mins, frozen, not really knowing what just went on, and what was going on. I finally calmed down and went to grab some tape. I sorta dismissed what happened on account that I didnt have any coffee and I told myself I wasent awake yet. Then I was just about to sit down and I felt someone tug my necklace on my neck 3 times. Well that was it. I freaked out, called my husband and started crying, freaking name it, I did it!

About a year later, I got in the shower while my kids were at school. I was washing my hair and I heard a knock on the door and heard what sounded like my son saying "mommy" . I yelled back a "WHAT?!?!" (extremely irritated because he was bugging me in the shower, you mom's know what im talking about LOL) then FROZE because both my kids were at school!

And then recently, actually May 1, 2007 , a little over a year ago, my dad passed away. He was on life support for 3 days..and they took him off May 1 at noon. He actually had passed away at 9:15pm and almost exactly at that time (I found out the time later) our smoke alarms kept going off, like every 15 mins. Our lights started going off and on randomly. I had joked to my mom about how daddy and grandma were together (and they were both little pranksters) that they were going to annoy us forever. Finally about midnight, after the smoke alarms were going off and on for hours, I said outloud..Grandma and daddy , knock it off, we know your ok, im tired so stop...and then BAM..they stopped. Ill never know if it was really them, but whatever it was, listened to me and havent had that happen again.

So thats it. Ive never seen anything, wish I could sometimes. I would love to see my dad and my sister again.

If anyone has any of these kind of stories, please, let me know, im interested in the unknown!


jackfrosty said...

Oh Cool! Love these stories! (Better you than me, though!)LOL!

starflake said...

I'm a skeptic, but I have a memory that will always be a spooky mystery for my teenage "inner child." One night in early high school, I fell asleep on my parents' couch in the living room. Well, I woke up in the middle of the night and the front door was wide open! We had just moved into the house, so that made it extra scary and puzzling (I wasn't familiar with its nuances/quirks).

I was frightened at first, thinking someone broke in. I quietly flipped over, blinking and staring into the pitch black darkness, trying to make sense of the situation. I stayed still for what felt like forever until I gathered enough gumption to get up and close it. The door was locked. I flopped back down and continued to stare, repeating the mantra "WHY?" over and over in my head.

My heart pounding, I thought maybe a strong wind forced it open. Thing is, this was a calm and peaceful night! Then I thought maybe someone forgot to close it properly and it swung open on its own volition -- but my father was meticulous about checking the lock and jiggling the handle to make certain the door was secure; it was a nightly ritual of his. As a last guess, the next day, I asked if anyone had gone out or been careless. They had no idea what I was talking about.

A door open in pitch night and a child alone to make sense of it. OooOOOoooH. *scary finger movements*

P.S. My diagnosis is that the door wasn't in the jamb properly and, while it wasn't windy by time I woke up and noticed it, maybe there was a strong breeze earlier that night. The combination of the hinge and a gentle breeze would have done it. Thing is, without going back to that night, we'll never know for certain! *twilight zone music*

Carrie said...

Happy Great Pumpkin Day!

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