Friday, May 30, 2008

A few party ideas

A few of my ideas:

Outdoor- I dont do much outside..probably just some pumpkins..we get too much rain and wind to really decorate out there.

Indoor-Since my party will probably end up in the kitchen anyways, that will be one of my main focus'. Im going to make up a bunch of those jar things what was posted..the ones with potions and all that. Im going to try to make that spellbook also..I have tons of halloween scrapbooking supplies..I might as well put those to use lol..Im going to get out old pics and probably print some B&W pics ( you know the creepy old ones,) I have a few that are of my great great great great great uncle..YIKES!! Scary, but it will be perfect to hang up in the living room!I also have a bunch of cute signs that I picked up at DollarTree last year, ill put those up too.

Chili in a hollowed out pumpkin
Snake bites-recipe is on this site..Paula Deen made it
Caramel Apples - maybe make those big gourmet apples like they do in the store...YUM
Popcorn- Either caramel or kettle korn
Punch- Ill have to figure out what kind I want to make..whatever it is, Ill have a floating hand in there lol

Music- I have a few Halloween cds, one with just sounds, one with music..Oh lol I have the Little Peoples Halloween cd..i love this listen to it in the car all the time!!!

Games- Ok , this is where I need help..Im going to have kids from 9-12 at my party, dont know what kind of games for that age range..I guess I could ask the kids and see what they want to do...


ryan said...

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